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Pick Up Lines For Guys

So you’re back home from an exhausting day at work, you take off your suit and stand still under a warm and relaxing shower, that’s when it strikes you, it’s a Friday evening and like a pathetic person, you’re simply standing under that shower and your mind is a breeding ground for all sorts of depressing and low thoughts. You scrub yourself wildly and call up your best mate, who also happens to be your wing man, in dire circumstances i.e. when a beautiful girl is about to slip away from your grip or you’ve delivered a pathetic pickup line which is utterly turning off.

Yes, so you’ve planned your typical Friday night out with your best buddy. You suit up, yet again, and wear a very seductive perfume. Your hair smells of soft cream. You wear those party shoes after polishing them in a frenzied manner. You’re all set to visit a night club and pick a date, hopefully. Well, isn’t that always the plan? Your friend is no good, he shares your talent when it comes to delivering a pick up line, which even you accept is a turn off. Oh, never you mind, spontaneity they say works good too and for the rest, here comes a women’s perspective for help:

After reaching the club, don’t look around for hot and suitable girls like a maniac. Walk slowly and gracefully; give the place a nice clean look. Before delivering even the best pick up line in the world, you need to build your image and enchant the person. You can’t just walk up to a pretty girl and mumble something, which is supposed to be witty, but turns out quite otherwise due to the situation at hand. So take in your surroundings, enjoy the moment and keep a check for your woman of the night, oh and before picking a place to sit, look around and sit next to the group of prettiest girls in the club. Having done that, order you drinks and keep stealing glances at your pick. If you’ve established an eye contact with any, then congratulations, you’ve crossed the first step to delivering a successful pickup line.

If you’re continuously exchanging glances with the girl, then awesome, even she’s interested in you, though it hardly happens, but be ready for it if it does.

So build a pre pick up line rapport with the girl if you can, it’s always preferred, as women don’t like to be surprised out of the blue, if they anticipate things, it means they’re interested too.

The first “don’t” regarding delivering pick up lines is faking yourself to be someone else. Do not be extra sweet, do not be excessively macho. Women can easily detect when a man fakes, especially his demeanor. So be yourself, it’s all that you can do! Next, when you’re saying out loud the best pickup line in the world, according to you, make sure you do it with the adequate authority and meaning. A decent pickup line delivered like a sheep sounds equally lame as a pathetic pickup line delivered with excessive attitude and fakeness.

Besides the delivery, you must also make sure you strike the chord at the right time. If a girl is having a conversation with her own friends or is talking on the phone, its not good manners to butt in with a pick up line and god save you if it’s a cheesy one!

Next, go for simple pickup lines. Don’t think a pick up line with a very rich vocabulary would impress the girl, no! She’d just think of you as a weird show off. Avoid convoluted and complex sentences, keep it simple and sweet. Something as simple as “hi, what’s your name”. People think that it’s really a boring way to start up but trust me, this is one of the sweetest pick up lines and whatever you say after this would actually make or break your conversation.

Besides using a simple pickup line, make sure you do a decent follow up. A successful pick up line is always followed by a laugh or a sweet smile or polite talk. Right after the pickup line, you can say “sorry for the pickup line, but I really wanted to meet you”. Girls like straightforward and simple men. Don’t beat about the bush, don’t pretend that you don’t like the girl or are not interested in her. Make sure you get the message across to her, the rest depends how enchanting a person you are.

Instead of going for irrelevant pick up lines which might make you sound like a fool, just compliment the girl. If you’re complimenting a girl, make sure you do it sincerely and not go overboard with flattery. Women like genuine comments and flattery might offend them, so tread over these waters very carefully and sincerely.

Try to be sweet and not cheesy. You might think a cheesy pickup line might be a turn on for the woman across you, no way mister, until and unless you want a drink thrown into your face! Women like men who respect them and are polite. So if you’re really keen on trying out cheesy pick up lines, you might want to visit a cheap club or a red light area! Sweet pick up lines work wonders, women melt on hearing those! So compliment the girl on her dress or her hair style, but not on the curves of her body, she’ll never want to see your face again!

Always go in for sweet pick up lines and avoid making cheesy talk with someone you’ve just met. Be genuine. Act smart and intellectual, don’t lose your nerves.  Most importantly, don’t talk about your work in your personal jargon, the girl will find you weird. So stick to general affairs and make an interesting conversation, but don’t forget to be yourself.

After indulging in some conversation with the girl, you might even ask her for a dance! But that depends on how you deliver your pick up lines.

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