Biggest Collection of Math Pick Up Lines

The biggest collection of math pick up lines on the Internet:

Math Pick Up Lines For Guys

Using pick up lines on women is an easy task. Most men do not do much research before using pick up lines. Men approach women with a single objective – to nail them till they scream their lungs out. Yes, guys approach girls for sex. There isn’t much hiding this fact. Guys love sex and women do not. This gap in the way of thinking is what generally bombs a pickup line and the approach. It is not the way the pickup line s chosen or the way a pickup line is said but the whole idea behind the pickup line which is completely wrong. For guys, physical pleasure matters the most. But for women, it is the emotional pleasure and the emotional fun that they are after. Emotions play a big role for women and a woman’s emotions and her moods determine who she dates and who she talks to. Off course, you can make the decision for her by choosing the line for the occasion and also by choosing the correct woman for the line. Women choose who they want to be picked up. But for guys this can made into a simple process. It is important to know that women love men who love them. Women like being loved. They do not like to be treated like whores or prostitutes. They like to be felt and they like to be treated with dignity. If sex is on the mind, then approaching a woman in a setting that does not exude sexual confidence is a strict no-no.

Women like that men are attracted to their physical form. But what entices woman into being with the man is his originality. Men who approach women with sexual innuendos are more successful in bagging up a number. It is important to realize that women want an emotional connect and it is important they feel good about themselves when they are with their man. It is a challenge to keep the woman interested. Hence it is important to use the right lines at the right time to make the best of it and make the woman feel like she is needed and she is loved. The best pickup lines are not those that make the woman feel bad. They are not those that are obscene. They are not those that are bad or evil and are not those that women would not like to hear. It is imperative that the pickup line be generic to start with. But pick up lines can also be varied. They can be humorous. Pickup lines can be funny. Pick up lines can be romantic. Pickup lines can be sexy. Pickup lines can be lame and stupid. Pick up lines can be good and pickup lines can be bad. Pickup lines can be innovative. Women love innovative pickup lines. Women like pickup lines that are different. Women love men who are different or at least those who try to be different.

Often many men fail to understand the complexities of women. Men should first remember that all women are like maths problems and are completely complex like math problems. Hence, figuring out women are very similar to learning maths. For instance, maths often seems to be very easy to solve if one knows all the formulas to the problems. Each math problems has a different set of formulas required to solve the problem and formulas as well as equations are the building blocks of maths. Without these, learning maths is a challenging task and for most an arduous journey. Many men often prefer to give up and stay away from maths once it is no longer a compulsory subject. But, men should realize that women are much like maths. Women’s brains and thought processes are very similar to the intricacies of maths. Just like maths, they require different formulas to please and understand. Women are not easy to understand and men probably will never fully understand them. But, men should know that all women long for a man who would charm her and swoop her off her feet. Once, the man learns the tricks or the formulas then it is fun and easy. While, there are many tricks, it is necessary to master them. Men should also remember that women are intricate and would want many things. However, women only want men who appeal to their inner desires and please them.

A particular characteristic that women admire in men is their ability to make them laugh with funny pick up lines. Funny pick up lines often come in handy as they help to break the ice. Not only do these lines help to get women’s attention by making them laugh, but also encourages starting a conversations with the man. The best part about funny pick up lines are that they are not sexual in nature. Funny Pick up lines is definitely not in the league of other pick up lines like romantic pick up lines. However, while romantic pickup lines often need a particular time and environment to succeed; funny pick up lines can be used at any particular time in pretty much in any situation and with every woman available. Women also love innovative pick up lines. Often, men tried to inspire themselves by copying lines from books and movies. Innovation helps as such innovative lines help break the ice. Being innovative is the key to getting the number. So why not go all the way. Imagine using a line from a popular mathematical TV show which also is a crime fighting show. It would definitely make for an excellent conversation starter and not just conversations but also as openers. Imagine using these lines. It might just stun a woman for a moment but she will be pleasantly surprised to hear something innovative and imaginative. More importantly she will be happy to hear something different and will respond well to the words. It is these innovative lines that make picking up women an easy task.

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