Biggest Collection of Sweet Pick Up Lines

Below is the biggest collection of sweet pick up lines on the Internet:

Sweet Pick Up Lines For Guys

The whole concept of dating in today’s world is evolving at a fast pace. People these days live life in the fast lane and thus have little time to build up relationships. 10-20 years back people used to take time to know each other and indulge in physically stimulating activities, but now, it doesn’t even take them a minute to make out!

Well, partly it’s the alcohol and partly the person you’re with. Dating is the new “in” thing. It starts with people meeting each other in nightclubs and social gatherings and this meeting gradually makes way to the bed, but not for all. A lot of people make use of pick up lines to start a conversation with the other person, to get to know the other person, while there is an impatient lot which believe that pick up lines will literally fetch them chicks to sleep with. People venture out with their pick up lines in hand to fulfill their own motives, but not all are successful as starting a conversation which is triggered by a pickup line is a very tricky task. It’s not just the content of the pickup line, which decides your luck, it’s the way of speaking and your whole attitude that matters.

If you have a sophisticated taste in women, then you should stick to sweet pick up lines as cheesy ones are a big turn off for some, but oh, and if you want a night of action, then your favorite cheesy line might work on any girl with black stockings and a plunging neckline!

Pick up lines are a careful combination of words, which convey your interest in another person. Sweet pick up lines, convey this message in a very cute and sweet manner while cheesy pick up lines have sexual and horny context.

Sweet pickup lines tend to grab a girl’s attention more quickly as it’s not very common as horny pick up lines rule the dating world. So adopt this different style and make her feel special and interested. Before jumping onto the types of sweet pick up lines you can use, you must understand that all pickup lines work in their certain situations. So take in your surroundings and then speak or you’d end up making a monkey of yourself. For example, you just googled a sweet pickup line and go up to the girl and say” you brighten up my life just as the sun did the day today”, and it happened to be a very gloomy, dull and sticky morning. The girl would feel like slapping you in such a case. So look around, work on your nerves and then act like a smart and enchanting gentleman.

Besides considering the situation before approaching a girl with a pick up line, be sincere, genuine and most importantly yourself. Women can easily differentiate between a fake and a genuine man, trust me, you’ll want to be the genuine fellow. Also, make sure you mean what you say. Don’t go overboard with compliments and sweet things. Keep it in check, but don’t say just for the heck of saying it too. Keep everything in adequate quantities, your display of interest, your popping eyes and everything that comes in the way. Give the woman some space of her own and judge you. Don’t talk about other girls in the bar or club or any social gathering, stick to general affairs or to the woman herself.

The following are the top 10 sweet pick up lines that you can actually put to use to trigger conversation with the girl of your choice.

1.     Do you like sugar or honey? Because your smile is so sweet

2.     I think im having an asthma attack, maybe you’re taking my breath away?!

3.     Do you have a bank account? You must! Im saving all my love for you.

4.     Do you have a driver’s license? You’re totally driving me crazy!

5.     Hey there, I lost my number, can I have yours please?

6.     Can I get a picture with you to show my friends that angels do exist.

7.     You’ve lived in my heart since the day I met you, and that too without paying any rent!

8.     I think you look like someone I dearly know. My next girlfriend!

9.     I totally hate to say this, but you’re like my underwear, without which and now whom, I cant last even a single day!

10.  You’re a really sweet person, mind if I taste you to check?

These are a few examples of the sweetest pick up lines known today and they work! If, obviously said in the correct time and with the correct manner. The whole concept of delivering pick up lines is very intricate and detailed.

One thing you must consider, you must know the person a little before hand, or if not know the person, you must have at least established some considerable eye contact. People don’t like to be bombarded with pick up lines from the back or front by complete strangers. Make your presence felt first, make sure the person has noticed you and then just play along. Some of the pickup lines used here might appear very hilarious and funny to you, you might even think they wouldn’t work, but they do! If you follow the right techniques, they will always.

Follow some golden rules before using pick up lines:

1.     Don’t use the clichéd lines. They are a major turn off, they are also symbolic of the lack of creativity in the person.

2.     Never pick a line from any recent movie. Again, it leaves a sad impression on the person it’s tried on. Be creative and polite.

3.     Choose your humor and content carefully. Girls generally don’t like to be approached in a vulgar manner and especially if it’s someone they’re meeting for the first or the second time.

4.     Keep your nerves in check and speck intelligibly. I understand pretty and hot girls can shake your confidence, but you don’t need to lose your nerves and mumble unintelligible stuff. Think and then speak.

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